SPORT-SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE ENHANCHEMENT: Not all sports require the same physical demands. In fact within most sports, different positions require different skills. While some athletes desire explosive power and strength, others seek speed and agility. Evolution Sports Medicine recognizes these needs when designing sport and position specific training programs for athletes.

CORE TRAINING: “CORE” training is the buzz word for training the back and stomach muscles of the torso. The latest health and fitness literature advocates CORE training for everything. Research is showing that not only are weak back and stomach muscles associated with low back pain, but they often contribute to chronic injuries of the shoulder and knee as well because the torso is the foundation from which your arms and legs move. Evolution Sports Medicine’s CORE program is designed to improve the strength and flexibility of the torso.

GOLF CONDITIONING CLASSES: Can you play a round of golf without any pain? Losing distance off the tee? Are you always blaming your equipment for a bad day on the links? Your clubs are fine… it’s your body that might need a tuning. Your body may be “out-of-balance.” That is, weak muscles, inflexible muscles, or stiff joints may be causing pain or some other limitation affecting your ability to play. Evolution Sports Medicine’s “fairway fitness” program analyzes these physical restrictions and focuses on proper strengthening and stretching techniques to reduce pain and improve a golfer’s ability to play. CORE strength and balance are invaluable in the development of one’s golf swing.

ROTATOR CUFF CONDITIONING: This program primarily targets baseball pitchers. However, it is an excellent program for any athlete who participates in sports requiring repetitive overhead shoulder motions, i.e. volleyball, softball, tennis, swimming, and water polo to name a few. This conditioning program is a comprehensive regimen that trains not only the shoulder, but the trunk and lower extremities as well. The trunk and lower extremities produce the power necessary for the force exerted during the shoulder motion. Therefore, it is important to address these areas when training the shoulder girdle

HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC PROGRAMS: Evolution Sports Medicine will travel to your high school and educate athletic trainers, coaches and athletes about common sports injuries and collaborate with teams to design sport-specific or position-specific conditioning programs emphasizing injury prevention. Pre-season Functional Movement Screens are essential for every team when developing conditioning programs. Functional Movement Screens can identify an individual athlete’s weaknesses and inflexibilities. A unique program emphasizing the correction of such faults can then be designed.

OCCUPATIONAL CONSULTATIONS: Do your occupational tasks require repetitive overhead lifting or reaching? Repetitive bending or lifting? Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods? Evolution Sports Medicine will travel to your work site and perform body mechanics and ergonomics evaluations in an effort to help workers decrease stress and strain on the body. Preventive strength and flexibility programs can be designed for workers, keeping employees healthy and productive!