Evolution Sports Medicine’s commitment to improving the health and lifestyle of our clients does not end after the medical rehabilitation process.E Evolution Sports Medicine is pleased to provide the “evolution in progress” program.EBy no means is this program meant to replace formal physical therapy.EInstead, it is to serve as a template for those clients motivated to improve upon the progress made during therapy.E Though no longer receiving therapy treatments,Eclients may not be comfortable entering the fast pace of a public gym or health club.EHowever, this is usually the only option for clients once they are discharged from therapy and the care of their physician.EThey may have future follow-up visits with their physician, but what are they supposed to do until then?EWho will guide them safely through the do’s and don’ts of their exercise program?E Evolution Sports Medicine provides a non-threatening atmosphere,Ewhich encourages clients to progress at their own pace. EReturning from an injury can be an unsettling experience. ELost is the confidence that the body has the ability to perform under even the most ordinary of circumstances. E There is clearly a need for continued supervision of this client population.EWithout it, they are prone to re-injury or even new injury.EThis need defines the purpose of the “evolution in progress” program.EAt Evolution Sports Medicine, clients choosing to continue their workouts will be supervised by the same team members who designed their rehabilitation program.EThe benefit of such supervision is that team members have been present since the client’s initial injuryEand have an intimate knowledge of their condition and progress.EAnother benefit of theE“evolution in progress” program is a monthly re-evaluation of the client’s status by the physical therapist.EAfter a physical re-assessment, modifications in the client’s exercise regimen are made,Ebased on the physical findings of the exam.EShould there be any need for concern, the treating physician can be immediately briefed, and necessary precautions taken.E

The “evolution in progress” program is a monthly, renewable program. Membership includes: